Printing Your Photography 

In a time of Facebook, Twitter, and instagram fewer and fewer photographers are printing their work.  With the bright displays of cellphones, tablets, and laptops nobody is actually picking up books, or even viewing pictures in their physical form, but there are a few of us that like to hold up a print and marvel at it, or enjoy the excitement in others when they receive a printed picture of themselves.  Some of favorite photographers that I draw inspiration from are those who encourage printing your work or creating photo books a few that you can find on YouTube are Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography I just love his channel if you do follow his channel please go check it out right now he has weekly photo assignments that involves showing your work printed in a journal, another person is Peter McKinnon who just recently made a video about prints, and one other I really enjoy is Matt Day all very talented photographers.   One quote that I found very inspirational when I was first getting into photography is “If you live for photography but none of your work is hanging on the wall, or if you live for nature but have nothing that reminds you of nature in your home, then there is a disconnect” by Art Wolfe. This is very true and I follow that now throughout my home you will find photographs of my work, and others in photo albums or journals and I would rather see my work in that perspective where I can enjoy it everyday in physical form.  Tell me do you print your work? What is your inspiration for printing photographs? And do you still hand out photographs to people? Thank you and if you don’t follow me yet please do, and if you are on instagram follow me there also @dewon.wilson, and @deewilsonphotography 


What are you shooting with, and what is your go to camera and lens combo? 

Hello and greetings everyone I just wanted to get out a really quick post.  I often get asked what’s in your camera bag or what are you shooting with? So to answer that question is my main bodies are canon’s 5Ds, and an 80D and the lenses I use with those bodies I’m going to start off with my favorite and probably one of the most underrated lens.

  1. Canon 180mm f/3.5 macro lens omg the colors, sharpness, and rendering I get from the lens have been unmatched. 
  2. Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 aka the black mamba wow is all I can say about this lens unbelievable lens but this lens weighs a ton but image quality is awesome.
  3. Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 version 2 lens I don’t think I have to say much about the quality you get for the lens. 
  4. Canon 135mm f/2 lens probably the sharpest lens from canon next to my favorite 180mm macro.
  5.  Sigma 20mm f/1.4 wide angle this lens is sharp edge to edge minimum to zero distortion in my opinion just a great lens especially for weddings and events.
  6.  Last but not least and definitely no slouch when it comes to image quality straight out of camera is the Sigma art 50mm f/1.4 lens just plain awesomeness no more to be said about that Lol. 

Now my secondary and walk around camera bodies (questionably being made into the starting lineup) are my Fuji Film’s X-Pro2, and recently acquired X-T2 the lenses for these are.

  1. The Fuji 35mm f/2 WR lens (35mm equivalent of just over 50mm) Really sharp even wide open I really can’t explain how sharp, and how Fuji lenses render color, with outstanding micro contrast.  
  2. 23mm f/2 WR lens (35mm equivalent of 35mm lens) awesome, awesome lens almost epic in my opinion my only con is that it can be a little soft when shot close up with the aperture wide open.
  3. The 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 variable aperture (35mm equivalent of 83-300mm) I just wrote a review about this lens, flat out this is a very good underrated sharp lens.  This lens has been on my X-T2 for the past week without being removed I think there might be a part 2 to the review about this 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 lens.
  4. And the most recently acquired 16mm f/1.4 lens (35mm equivalent of 24mm) I have yet to completely finish testing this lens as it was just acquired so review is forthcoming.  Many Fuji shooters say this is the best fuji lens made to date we will see.  

Lighting wise I have a Canon 600 RT, and Nikon sp700 flashes, but those rarely get used.  If I need to light a scene or person I use Profoto gear I have a B1, and B2 location kits With modifiers.  In my opinion Profoto is one of the top 5 lighting systems and consistent with their light output.  

Let me know what your system is for creating your photography.  Check me out and follow me on instagram: @dewon.wilson, and @deewilsonphotography On Tumblr at Photographs by Dewon Wilson.  Thank you for your support.

A Great Steal!!!! 

Today when I woke up as usual I check out used camera, and lens deals especially for Fuji Film and to my surprise and shock, I seen a Fuji 16mm F/1.4 lens.  If you get the excitement in that the 16mm F1.4 is like the holy grail of the Fuji shooters life Lol.  Not only was it on the used department but for the price of $659.00 did you get that $659.00 in great condition.  Brand new this lens retails for $1,000.00.  In regards the popularity of this lens is phenomenal to many it’s regarded to the best, and sharpest lens Fuji has made.  But I’m going to put this lens to the test and will get back with images and my review of this lens.  

Mobile editing Apps. On your tablets and cell phone or PC and Mac based programs for editing your photography?

With more photographers downsizing there gear and making the switch from the bulky DSLR’s and jumping into the smaller slimmer  mirrorless market is the desktop and laptop market also taking a hit?  For my workflow I find that I am picking up one of my iPads to do my post processing over my laptop 97% of the time and my surface pro 3 the rest of the time totally phasing out the heavier and bigger laptop.  

So what’s the reason for this shift?  For me the shift to the iPad for my post processing is it’s convenience, the iPad is one of those pieces of equipment that you always have with you.  The iPad is multi purpose and I tend to use it for reading books, as my calendar, typing notes and creating documents so it replaces a few things that I would have normally carried in my bag.  The iPad is my go to tool because of the ease of transferring my images from my camera and SD card either through wifi or an accessory attachment and being able to use the RAW/DNG file is a great plus.  And you can’t forget about  size and weight in my last blog I spoke about my switch from DSLR to the Fuji mirrorless system as my day to day setup I spoke about my back surgeries and the necessity to carry lighter gear.  

I use the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil I have both the 12.9 and the 9.7 inch versions, the 12.9 is the one I keep home and the smaller 9.7 is my travel iPad that stays in my bag.  With using these devices they open a new world of tools to use when editing your photos my favorites include adobe Lightroom mobile, Snapseed, Pixelmator, and Photoshop express.

Tell me what you use for editing your photos, and also what program or apps. You use, also check out below some photos edited using my iPad Pro and mobile apps and as always check me out and follow me on instagram @dewon.wilson and @deewilsonphotography.


New York Fashion Week Pt. 1

New York Fashion week is upon us once again and I have the luxury of covering some of the events/shows that will be going on.  This will be my first official media pass coverage as last year I photographed as part of the staff.  My gear that I am taking with me today consist of my canon 5DS and 5D Mklll body’s the lenses are: sigma 120-300 2.8, sigma 50 1.4, canon 24-70 2.8, and canon 85 1.2.  I am excited about the events I will cover this week and will bring back some lovely pictures to share in my follow up posts have fun and keep shooting!!!! 

These are images from my most recent shoot hope you like and please comment.

What Does Street Photography Mean To You???


 Leica Q 1/250sec F/8 ISO 100 28mm

Street Photography to me is an expression of an way of life to the people it portrays.  It picks up fragments that were left from life lessons, tragedies, joy, and happiness.  It captures individuals and circumstances in the most vulnerable of times.

In that moment of that 1/200th or even 1/4000th of a second it takes to capture that moment how has the world changed around you?   The Desive Moment to me is that moment between pressing the shutter and the moment you capture your image.   In the past few weeks I’ve been exploring more into the street photography world studying some of the the greats and the ones out there producing amazing work.  So I’m curious what does street photography mean to you???


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