Printing Your Photography 

In a time of Facebook, Twitter, and instagram fewer and fewer photographers are printing their work.  With the bright displays of cellphones, tablets, and laptops nobody is actually picking up books, or even viewing pictures in their physical form, but there are a few of us that like to hold up a print and marvel at it, or enjoy the excitement in others when they receive a printed picture of themselves.  Some of favorite photographers that I draw inspiration from are those who encourage printing your work or creating photo books a few that you can find on YouTube are Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography I just love his channel if you do follow his channel please go check it out right now he has weekly photo assignments that involves showing your work printed in a journal, another person is Peter McKinnon who just recently made a video about prints, and one other I really enjoy is Matt Day all very talented photographers.   One quote that I found very inspirational when I was first getting into photography is “If you live for photography but none of your work is hanging on the wall, or if you live for nature but have nothing that reminds you of nature in your home, then there is a disconnect” by Art Wolfe. This is very true and I follow that now throughout my home you will find photographs of my work, and others in photo albums or journals and I would rather see my work in that perspective where I can enjoy it everyday in physical form.  Tell me do you print your work? What is your inspiration for printing photographs? And do you still hand out photographs to people? Thank you and if you don’t follow me yet please do, and if you are on instagram follow me there also @dewon.wilson, and @deewilsonphotography 


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  1. It’s so refreshing to see someone who appreciate prints in this digital world. I too, am an advocate of printing and photo books. There’s something different about holding something tangible… especially of photos I took. In my travels, one of my goals is to actually go back there and give them a 12R prints of their photos. Their smiles and gratefulness have no equal. It’s fulfilling to see people happy after receiving their photos. Technology has given us so many ways to create books or magazines we can actually hold.


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