Review of the Fuji 55-200mm F/3.5-4.8 Lens

Welcome to another blog post today I’m writing about the Fuji 55-200mm variable aperture lens. While I’ve had this lens for a few months I have not taken it through the paces or shot with it very much so I decided to pop it on my X-T2 and shoot with it exclusively for the past three days.   I have to say this lens is pretty good, before I continue let me say that this lens also has in body optical image stabilization (OIS) in Fuji terms.  Back to what I was saying this lens is pretty good on the Fuji bodies it gives a 35mm equivalent of about 83-300mm which makes it ideal for portraits, some sports, and telephoto needs.  So to test this lens I did a series of different shots I took it on a walk with me on a trail, I did some in house Available light shots of my son, and took it out to a night triple A minor league baseball game let’s check out some of the images I captured.

This lens functioned well beyond my expectation auto focus was quick only time focus was missed it was due to user error with the focus point definitely not a lens to be underestimated.  I can’t leave out about how well built this lens is not all metal but does have a metal lens mount with decent weight to it and you can get up to approximately 3-4 stops of image stabilization.  

So who is this lens for?  This lens is for the photographer like me who wants a lens that will cover your short, and medium telephoto range for portraits and do so at a relatively reasonable F/ stop 3.5-4.8 and give you that little extra reach for some sports and action where comparable lenses at this focal length is around F/ 5-6.3 so you also gain a little more light resolving sensitivity while also having a fairly reasonable price range at $699.00 brand new with the next offering from Fuji being the 50-140mm F/2.8 (35mm equivalent 75-210mm) coming in at a whopping $1,599.00 brand new.  

Will this lens get the job done?  Most certainly and will do so with minimal if any limitations at all with cameras able to function at higher ISO’s and the lens able to operate at lower shutter speeds due to the image stabilization this lens is a winner…  As always thank you for your support if you’re new to the blog check me out and follow me on my instagram pages @dewon.wilson, and @deewilsonphotography


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