My Probable Switch To The Fuji X Camera System???

I’ve always heard the praises of the Fuji X cameras, but after my stint with Sony mirrorless cameras I didn’t want to venture down that road again.  That was until I started researching for smaller alternatives instead of my bigger Canon DSLR’s, something more versatile than my Leica Q, and something just as fun, and better or comparable image quality to my Leica M-E.  After searching and searching I discovered the Fuji X- series cameras a small powerful mirrorless camera system that’s fun to shoot with and has amazing image quality.  

First I picked up the Fuji X-T10, this camera blew me away the image quality I was getting was out of this world I’m talking straight out of camera jpegs.  After shooting with this camera for a few weeks I started selling off some of my gear to finance a few lenses and one of Fuji’s flagship cameras the X-Pro2.  There were a few things that attracted me to the X-Pro2 was first it has dual memory card slots which is absent from all of the Sony mirrorless offerings (A7 and 6xxx series) if you’re a photographer who do professional work I don’t have to explain the significance of having a backup of your work.  The second thing is the size and style of the camera the camera is half the size and weight of my Canon 5Ds, 5D mklll, and a third the size of my 80D.  I absolutely love my Canon gear which I still have the 80D, and 5Ds for the time being but rarely use them now one reason was that after my spinal fusion in June of 2016 the weight of the body plus the lenses became very burdensome on my back when walking for extended periods of time and when working off tripod.  My go-to lens was the sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 which is a large lens but optically it amazing but because of my surgery and the weight of this lens with my 5Ds tops 10lbs I think that says enough on why size and weight matters for me.

The other part of that is the style and when you look at the X-T10, and X-Pro2 the design screams sleek and sexy these cameras do not compromise style and design for image quality each camera reminiscent of old school film cameras and rangefinders with great build quality Fuji is doing an awesome job with these X-Series cameras.  

The real test for me with these cameras is coming up next week for NYFW17 where I plan on using these cameras for the behind the scenes shoot, and the runway shows themselves I don’t think they will disappoint I will post a couple images at the conclusion of this post that I have already taken with these cameras, all images are straight out of camera with no editing done.

So in concluding so far these Fuji X cameras have already made me a believer the touch on every thing I look for in a camera reliability, image quality, size and weight, and if I’m having fun shooting with it. Please follow me on instagram: @dewon.wilson and @deewilsonphotography


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