New York Fashion Week Pt. 1

New York Fashion week is upon us once again and I have the luxury of covering some of the events/shows that will be going on.  This will be my first official media pass coverage as last year I photographed as part of the staff.  My gear that I am taking with me today consist of my canon 5DS and 5D Mklll body’s the lenses are: sigma 120-300 2.8, sigma 50 1.4, canon 24-70 2.8, and canon 85 1.2.  I am excited about the events I will cover this week and will bring back some lovely pictures to share in my follow up posts have fun and keep shooting!!!! 

These are images from my most recent shoot hope you like and please comment.


Let There be Light

     Leica D Lux 1/125sec 24mm f/2.8 iso 100

Photography is the process of chasing and capturing light.  Photography is more than just simply finding a subject and taking a picture of it,  long ago there were those who argued that in no way was photography an art because they felt that there was no creativity involved.  To me photography involves capturing light and shaping it into something beautiful,  when we see an intriguing photo what we are in fact seeing is the quality of the light, and the presence of light or the lack there of.


What Does Street Photography Mean To You???


 Leica Q 1/250sec F/8 ISO 100 28mm

Street Photography to me is an expression of an way of life to the people it portrays.  It picks up fragments that were left from life lessons, tragedies, joy, and happiness.  It captures individuals and circumstances in the most vulnerable of times.

In that moment of that 1/200th or even 1/4000th of a second it takes to capture that moment how has the world changed around you?   The Desive Moment to me is that moment between pressing the shutter and the moment you capture your image.   In the past few weeks I’ve been exploring more into the street photography world studying some of the the greats and the ones out there producing amazing work.  So I’m curious what does street photography mean to you???

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